I’m Doing This For Debbie


She can be anyone but she can’t be everyone. Nothing changes her, she is just she.

SHE is there, when you needed help.

SHE is there, when you need to dump your anger on someone.

SHE is there, to wipe your tears.

SHE is there, with you when you have failed.

SHE is there, when you succeeded.

SHE is there, to support you when the whole world is against you.

SHE is there, to hold your hands when everyone told you you’re wrong.

SHE is there, to listen you when everyone thinks your stupid.

SHE is there, to scold you when you’ve done wrong.

SHE is there, to praise you when you did right.

SHE is there, when you are happy.

SHE is there, when you are sad.

SHE is there, to hold your hands and show you the right path.

SHE is there, to forgive you even when you hurt her. SHE is there, to make everything right when you have everything wrong.

SHE is there, to bring back the smile on your face.

SHE is there, to feed you with with her hands.

SHE is there, to fight with the whole world and stand up for you

SHE is there, to love you unconditionally.

SHE never complains.

But what SHE wants? All she wants is your love, your care, your support, your understanding, your trust and you. After all SHE is….YOUR WIFE. Don’t you think she deserves it because I know mine does and so much more! She is my reason for living, my reason for working, my reason for loving, and my reason for all the good and productive things I do. Ninety nine percent of the my best friend and one percent my worst nightmare (since September 21st 1999) but I would not want to go through this life with anyone else. But she needs help, she needs a kidney to live.

Words partially borrowed from Aspum on WordPress