I’m Doing This For Debbie 1/25/2018

Where Has All The Human Compassion Gone From In Society?

This post is going to be quite different. Yes, please don’t think for a single second that I have forgotten or that I am side stepping my cause here because believe me I’m not. 600,000 Americans have diseased kidneys in this country according to the National Kidney Foundation and of those 600,000 there are 300,000 in need of a kidney transplant within the next 3 years. Now since I was a little boy, I have seen our United States Of America go through many hardships and always do them alone and always survive them. I bet by now you’re wondering in your mind, “what in the world is Gerry getting around to, has he lost his marbles” No, I don’t believe I have, so here I go. Our country has always been known for taking care of itself. No matter what the crisis is be it earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist strikes, tornadoes, or floods. Whatever happened, we stepped up and took care of our own. We gave money, food, blood, anything that was needed to get past it, survived and moved on. Well here we are, there are an estimated 323 million United States citizens here at home as of July 2016 and 300,000 of them need living donor kidneys for transplants just to survive. So since we are the country in the world who’s well known for sucking it up and pulling up our big boy and big girl panties and helping our fellow Americans during times if hardship, then where is all the help in this life or death crisis. We need donors people, donors who are willing to give a part of themselves, not their cash or bank accounts. We need Donors who are selfless not selfish and who love and I mean really love and care about the human race. We need organs donors, kidney donors to be specific to make sure that these 300,000 survive and at least get a chance at life because believe me….after they get that transplant, that’s where their real fight for life begins for them. I have belonged to a Facebook group now for about 6 months. The name of it is “Kidney Support, Dialysis, Transplant Donor And Recipients,” this is a support group where everyone goes to ask questions and share information about all the issues they have had. And if you have any thoughts that after getting a transplanted kidney that it’s a walk in the park, just go take a look. The after affects and side affect of the transplant is really pretty unbelievable but everyone on that support page agrees 100% that a transplant be it a living or deceased donor beats dialysis hands down!

My wife Debbie, she is indeed the love of my life and my very best friend. My life as far as I am concerned is meaningless without her, and she needs an “O” blood type kidney. If Debbie does not get an type “O” kidney then she is going to die, it’s really as simple as that. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. But what you all don’t know is this, after Debbie Patterson and those 300,000 get their donor kidneys which believe me is the greatest gift and the most precious way anyone can show how much you truly love the human race. Life is so so precious. It must be, think about like this. Your kidneys are diseased and your going to die… period….but then God has provided man with the intelligence and means of prolonging life and setting aside death for a little while longer. God, I believe in my heart never intended for the dialysis machines to ever be invented. Think about it. God loved us so much he gave us 2 kidneys. 2 kidneys when in an average lifetime we would only need one. God knew in his infinite wisdom that we would certainly figure out a way to mess our kidneys up at some point plus it is his way to also bring people together and show that we as people still truly care and love each other when living organs are donated. Makes perfect sense to me if you think about it logically instead of financially. Yes death is inevitable at some point in life but not right now if you are a kidney disease sufferer. There is hope. Won’t you help, help somebody, if not my Debbie then Debbie and I are begging you to help somebody get off of those dialysis machines and back to a normal life.

I’m Doing This For Debbie


She can be anyone but she can’t be everyone. Nothing changes her, she is just she.

SHE is there, when you needed help.

SHE is there, when you need to dump your anger on someone.

SHE is there, to wipe your tears.

SHE is there, with you when you have failed.

SHE is there, when you succeeded.

SHE is there, to support you when the whole world is against you.

SHE is there, to hold your hands when everyone told you you’re wrong.

SHE is there, to listen you when everyone thinks your stupid.

SHE is there, to scold you when you’ve done wrong.

SHE is there, to praise you when you did right.

SHE is there, when you are happy.

SHE is there, when you are sad.

SHE is there, to hold your hands and show you the right path.

SHE is there, to forgive you even when you hurt her. SHE is there, to make everything right when you have everything wrong.

SHE is there, to bring back the smile on your face.

SHE is there, to feed you with with her hands.

SHE is there, to fight with the whole world and stand up for you

SHE is there, to love you unconditionally.

SHE never complains.

But what SHE wants? All she wants is your love, your care, your support, your understanding, your trust and you. After all SHE is….YOUR WIFE. Don’t you think she deserves it because I know mine does and so much more! She is my reason for living, my reason for working, my reason for loving, and my reason for all the good and productive things I do. Ninety nine percent of the my best friend and one percent my worst nightmare (since September 21st 1999) but I would not want to go through this life with anyone else. But she needs help, she needs a kidney to live.

Words partially borrowed from Aspum on WordPress

Oh How I Long For A Simplier Time

I was born June 2, 1957. Seems like a lifetime ago and judging by my age, very well could have been! I grew up on the west side of Indianapolis until the age of 12! I came from a broken home, which back in the late 50s was kind of rare. My mom and dad split when I was 6 months old. Another oddity was that my dad fought for custody and won. I have 2 older brothers, Frank graduated from Ben Davis High School on the outer west side of Indianapolis. Fred went to Southport High School and graduated in 1974.It’s kind of strange really, one move in 1972 and we all graduated from different high schools.

Dad was a blue collar professional over the road trucker which made it even more impressive that he won the custody suit. Rumor was told to me that my grandparents put up their home for a second mortgage and  they paid off the judge.  Pretty amazing really when you think about it! But anyway, back to the story at hand. I loved it on Indy’s south side, as the best times of my life were when I was in high school at Perry Meridian. I was wrestler and wanted to play other sports but the transportation just wasn’t available when I was younger!

In the summer of 1973 I was fortunate enough to enroll in Driver’s Ed. I think the fee was $45.00 back then but a short footnote, 2 years ago I paid over $200.00 for my daughter to take it and it was NOT offered in school! I had Mr Mullinix for my in car instructor. For the life of me I cannot remember who else was in my class! I never would have imagined that in 1973, Drivers Ed would pave the way for my employment future!

My first car, a 1964 Chevelle, 4 door and I was so ashamed of that car that driving it to school.,.not an option! But today, I wish I had it and could fix it up, that would be a nice change. I had a lot of friend there at Perry Meridian and had a lot of fun. I went to three Proms, no wonder I was always broke in April and May! Two at Perry Meridian and one at Ben Davis. My work options back then were John Brehob Nursery for one season and gas station attendant for the remaining 3 years. Can you believe it, I actually had to check the oil and clean the windows back then.

I had classes with a lot of the athletes like industrial arts and home economics. I graduated about mid class which is no huge surprise, no brainiac here! But after graduation I joined my older brother, who had a masonary business and worked for him for over 2 years. But family will mess you over every time.
He was withholding taxes and not paying them in, good thing I kept all my check stubs.

During that time I married my high school sweetheart that graduated from Ben Davis in 1977. Sheila and I married in 1978 and stayed together until 1982. After my ordeal with my brother over the taxes, I began driving a straight truck for a “small” spice company called McCormick. In 1980 the traffic manager gave me the opportunity to learn to drive a tractor-trailer. I jumped at the chance without any haste and never looked back. That job lasted 4 years because the company leased the building, trucks, and some of the other equipment. The factory workers were union and there were issues between labor and management. The drivers were not union but the company did not want any backlash of problems by keeping us on so when the truck leases were up, we were gone. they did give us a fair severance pay for all the problems we had to encounter. The rift was so bad that the company laid all of the employees off and moved everything to South Bend where they owned the land and had room to grow!

After McCormick (by the way, I love that job) I got a job with a freight company called Overnite Transportation Company. I was there 12 years and left to better myself at Conway Central Express. I was terminated from there as a result of a bogus customer claim. The that’s when the real fun started. After Sheila and I divorced in 1982, I remained single til 1987. I remarried and divorced in 1992. I had a 3-year-old son in that marriage that will have nothing to do with me. I remained single, but I was in and out of a relationship with my daughter’s mother several times over the next 7 years til I met my best friend and love of my life Debbie! We have been together going on 13 years, a record for both of us and have been married going on 2. We got married in Pigeon Forge Tennessee and had all our closest friends there with us. During our relationship , we got custody of Avalon who was 7 at the time,  after a court battle and she was with us until she turned 16.

After the job at Conway ended I bought my first truck. A 1999 International and leased on with the railroad ( CSX). It was alright but they didn’t pay enough and I really wanted benefits so I went back to company driving. Huge mistake! Once you’re out on your own, working for someone else really sucks! That lasted almost 4 years and I could not stand anymore. Bought another truck and a flatbed trailer with a sidekit and leased it on with BESL Transfer and the rest is what I refer to as the future! My next blog is going to be about my driving experiences. Thanks for stopping by my site and looking around. stay as long as you like and please feel free to give me any feedback you desire.