If It Weren’t For Bad Luck…

On 12/21/2017 I was on my way to Jeffersonville after picking up a load in Portage Indiana. Heading south in I-65 I was about at the Thorntown exit when my onboard computer told me that my diesel particulate filter was high in soot level. Computer told me next to pull over and do a parked regen which is supposed to clear put all the soot and ash. So I pulled in a fuel stop at Lebanon and did the parked regen cycle. That did not clear the system according to the computer. I ended up having to tow the tractor to Andy Mohr Volvo in Indy and putting the loaded trailer in the wrecker storage lot there in Lebanon. Andy Mohr supposedly did the repairs ($700.00 to replace an $80.00 sensor plus $360.00 for the tow bill) on the truck and I went from Columbus to Indy to get it the next morning. I then went backup to Lebanon to get my trailer and headed to Jeffersonville Indiana.

I made it exit 90 which is the Franklin Indiana exit on I-65 south. I called Andy Mohr, let my dissatisfaction known and then dropped my trailer in Edinburgh Indiana. I then took the truck to Seymour Truck Sales and Service where they discovered the diesel particulate filter needed replaced. So, another $4,400.00 later the truck is supposed to be ready. I already lost $1,000.00 on the load to Jeffersonville so I headed to Ghent Kentucky to pick up my trailer which is where one of Kaplan’s drivers dropped it after delivering my load. After I got the trailer, I headed to Jeffersonville to get a load for Elkhart. But by the time I got to Jeffersonville the truck went into a regen cycle which it was not supposed to. I had to turn down the load because had I taken it, the brand new filter would have filled with soot and all that money would have been wasted. So I took it back to Seymour, it went through a second regen cycle in less than 200 miles and Seymour Truck Sales had it another full week before they decided to replace the regen injector. I paid another $700.00 for that bill and then took my trailer to the trailer shop in Kentucky. Once again there was another problem with the truck before I could get back to Columbus Indiana with it so straight to Seymour Truck Sales I went for a third time. This time the trucks computer sent a bogus message that the EGR valve was working improperly.

I took the truck home and 3 weeks later after I recovered from sinus surgery I went back to Kentucky to get my trailer. On my way back to Columbus, BAM, another regen cycle only this time it told me that this brand new filter that only had 486 miles on it and was supposed to last 200,000 miles was soot filled and ruined. So, another tow bill to Seymour Truck Sales and when we got there I told them not to put a wrench on this truck until I was contacted, that I was out of money for repairs and had to figure out what my next move was. Well, I never got a call so I called them two days later and discovered that they had indeed began doing repairs on it. Needless to say I was furious. I called another tow company and garage and had it moved away. Another $800.00 and it’s still not fixed. Right now it’s in a shop in Versailles Indiana. I hope to go get it tomorrow or Thursday at the latest so I can get back to work. I have not turned a wheel for revenue since December 21st 2017. Last estimate on this batch of repairs is another $4,850.00 with the tow bill included. That’s a total of $12,000.00 spent on this truck since December 21st.