I’m Doing This For Debbie 3/16/2018

I have been posting and blogging now for about 2 years to try to bring awareness to the health issues of kidney diseases. For 2 years I have been trying to get it through to people that people are dying from these diseases. I always believed that by some chance of good fortune or maybe just dumb luck that one of my posts would hit the right person. A person or better yet a group of people who have tons and tons of followers. Vice President Mike Pence is from Debbies home town of Columbus Indiana, he attended Columbus North High School. If anyone at all has anyone who is connected to Mike Pence, share this and hopefully he will see it. My last post stated that statistics show that a person dies every 22 minutes of everyday from some sort of kidney related disease or issue. Only one person commented on that ….one…come on people do you want me to do the math for you, here it is!!! That’s 2.73 people per hour, still not enough to get your attention then how about this figure 65.52 people per day, still not bothered by it, then here’s another figure for you, 458.64 people per week without fail. And if that still doesn’t hit home here is one that should. 458.64 x 52 weeks in a year….23,849.28 people lose their lives to kidney related diseases or issues simply because there are not enough donors. That is so so sad. I say this as all of you know my wife Debbie is in very late stage 4 kidney failure and dialysis is the next step if a loving generous donor does not come forward. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you but I simply do not want to live the rest of my life without Debbie. I know these posts are getting old and boring but I cannot give up, I have way too much to lose to give up. So I have to ask you, what if it was your wife or loved one that is having to go thru this. What would you do. Think about it. 23,849.28 lose their lives to kidney problems. We have Breast Cancer Awareness, Muscular Distrophy Awareness, Cerebal Palsy Awareness…and yet kidney disease related deaths outnumber all of those. I just pray to God above that Debbie does not turn into a statistic.

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