I’m Doing This For Debbie 2/18/2017

As I have said on several occasions on Facebook, driving for a living has it's major drawbacks. There's the consistent heavy traffic, also the distracted drivers, but for me on most days now it's the empty time I have while turning the miles on the highways. This give me way too much time to think. I think about the job of course, money, friends, my cat Roxie, and most of all my family...my wife to be more pertinent. Today was one of those days where Debbie was on my mind constantly, so much so that I broke down and had a heart to heart chat with God my Lord and savior. I said God we have talked many a time in the last 4 years. The first two years I really was somewhat unsure of how to discuss this issue with you. But God you have heard my prayers both vocal and silent about Debbie's illness or disease. Lord you have heard my pleas, seen my tears on many occasions, my prayers to put this sickness on me instead of Debbie because I don't believe that she truly deserves to go through this. I have prayed to you for strength and mental guidance to find new ways to try to help her. I have begged you Lord on numerous occasions to touch the gentle and giving heart of a Christian so that maybe just maybe they might be the right one to want to love Debbie enough to help save her life. Well now I am asking God to bring the right connection to Debbie's GoFundMe page, hopefully some corporate connections to help me with a billboard to further get this message of Debbies need for a living donor to donate a kidney. Hopefully God heard my pleas and will touch those and they will be compelled to help. Debbie needs this so if you're reading this, help me help her please!


For Debbie 2/10/2018

I have had a few days off this week due to mechanical issues so I am trying to figure out what I can do to get the message through to people that the medical situation my wife is in IS a life or death situation. The only sure fix is a kidney transplant for which I am desperately searching. So I kept thinking what more could I do, what more has to be said about this. the answer came to me, NOTHING. I have said all I can and done everything that God has led me to do. Then God spoke to me and said “Gerry there is definitely more that you can do”. so feeling bewildered, upset, and confused I sat down, turned on the television and saw the answer. One of the reasons that people are so leery to help my wife might just be that they don’t know her very well at all. Well here are a few facts about my wife that might just help.

Debbie’s age is 57 soon to be 58.
Debbie is 5 feet tall even.
Debbie has no siblings at all and she only has 6 cousins all of whom are either the wrong blood type or in to bad of health to be able to help her with donation.
Debbie is married of course to me. She is a faithful attendee at Flintwood Weselyn Church.
Debbie has one daughter Casey Dawn, stepdaughter Avalon Michelle and a stepson Joshua Michael.
Debbie’s only daughter also has Polycystic Kidney Disease.
Debbie has 3 grandchildren Jaden, Kellan, and Aedyn.
Debbie is in excellent health with the exception of the Polycystic Kidney Disease that is trying to kill her.
Debbie has never smoked in her life.
Debbie has never ever done any illegal drugs.
Debbie doesn’t drink.
She is very protective of all living creatures.
She loves animals but her favorite are cats.
So, these are a few facts about my loving wife and believe me when I say this, I have done everything I can to donate one of my kidneys but Indiana University Health refused to let me. I am finishing this post with a short video I put together to further get you acquainted with my best friend in the whole world. Remember, dialysis is a short term fix and it shortens her life. The best possible scenario is for a live donor to come forth. It must be someone who is altruistic at heart. If you are in the slightest bit interested in being a living donor for Debbie and you have type “O” blood you must call Indiana University Transplant at 1-800-382-4602 and talk to Kelly. I have been told that she will discourage you from donating so unless you’re serious, please don’t call.