I’m Doing This For Debbie 1/30/2018

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re short changing yourself or that you have not done enough. Well when it comes to finding a living donor for my wife, that’s exactly how I am feeling now. I have posted, boosted post, made videos, and put the word out as best I know how but the fact is this, we still need a donor. I know what is needed but that’s the problem, I just cannot seem to get there. I think what is needed is a major connection with a very well known person who people will listen to and actually might consider donation. Now don’t get me wrong or take this the wrong way as I deeply appreciate everyone who has responded to my posts and those of you who actually called Indiana University for the interview I hold you in the highest regard. I especially appreciate everything that Lori Ann Crawford has done to help including making personal contact with Ann Marie Tiernon of Channel 13 Eyewitness News. Ann Marie posted one of my post on her Facebook page and for that I am forever grateful. But the fact remains that it obviously isn’t enough. I know that God has this, I believe that with all my heart but I still feel as if I am missing something.

The support from our church Flintwood Wesleyan and church family has been second to none. They have been there to pick me up every time I am down and out. I know that dialysis is the next step, and I guess acceptance is what I must do. But I cannot get it out of my head that dialysis is only temporary and that I know in my heart that out there somewhere there is a selfless, genuine, good hearted Christian who believes in the good book and the meaning of love thy neighbor. The fact is that the only and I do mean only way Debbie has to survive this thing is the sooner, to get a kidney plain and simple.  The sooner the better. I am hoping that by some miracle these post might happen to show up on a news feed of someone really important like say maybe Mike Pence or someone like that. I mean after all, Mike is from Columbus so who knows.

Debbie does not monitor any of my post at all, she has no Idea what I put out here but she does know that I would be lost without her and that living without her is not what I am looking forward to. So I will leave you with this thought, If it was your loved one who is in Debbie’s shoes, if you have done all that I have done would you have done enough? If the answer is no, I am open to suggestions!


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