I’m Doing This For Debbie 11/20/2017

It’s really sad when I have to come on my wife’s kidney transplant page and inform everyone of unfortunate information but once again, here I am. We really had our hopes up a couple of weeks ago when we got word that someone had made it through the phone interview with Kelly and now was going to do the actual testing to see if they would be a viable match. There was also an 18 year old student from IU who was also going to do the same, but her classes got in the way of the testing. But I must give her tons and tons of credit, at least she had the common courtesy to let us know what the situation was straight up. This other individual, not so much. They did nothing more than block us on Facebook, to prevent us from contacting them any further. The truth of the matter is this, 99% of these transplants are successful, 99 percent is better odds than any winnings the lottery, shooting successful free throws, winning football games, or even graduating college with honors. Well anyway here is the situation, we are back to square one looking for a living donor for Debbie who by the way is a perfect candidate for a transplant right now. I love my wife more than life and to see her have to go through this is the most painful experience I personally have ever endured. She is having pains with her kidneys and has had for a few weeks now so that doesn’t mean that days or weeks from now it will be that way because as her condition deteriorates she is susceptible to diabetes, stroke, aneurysms, heart attacks, and a whole laundry list of other issues. So and we are sincere when we say only if you are seriously considering donating a kidney to Debbie who is O positive blood type. Please call Kelly at the IU transplant center at 1-800-382-4602 and let her know that you have interest in donating to Debbie Patterson.

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