I’m Doing This For Debbie 11/2/2017

Well, here I go again posting something that will probably not do any good at all. I have tried every avenue that comes to mind to try and find a living donor kidney for my wonderful wife Debbie. Debbie has Polysystic Kidney Disease and its of no fault of hers at all. This disease is heriditary passed down through the generations. Time is running out on me finding her a suitable donor though, and when the worse comes to worse happens God knows I don’t want to have to bury her. Debbie is “O” positive blood type. As I stated in earlier posts that I have tried my best to give one of mine but I was shot out of the saddle over more than one non qualifying issue. First it was because I was “B” positive blood type and not even close to a blood match. Then I wanted to do the kidney swap program but I was eliminated because I take anti inflammatory medicine for my arthritis. Debbie and I have been together since September 21, 1999 and we have been married since October 15, 2010 so naturally I was hoping to be the one to make sure I spend the rest of my natural life with the woman I love more than life its self. If by some miracle we do find a match, of course the expense of the transplant operation for both Debbie and the donor are covered by our insurance company. I am posting some photos, If your are the least bit interested in helping Debbie out, please call Kelly at IU Transplant as she is the coordinator and be sure you let her know either when you talk to her or if you have to leave a message that you are interested in kidney donation for Debbie Patterson.. The phone number is…1-800-382-4602. She will do a phone interview and process all the info you give her to see if you are qualified. If by chance you are qualified she will send you a testing packet and give you the info as to how to proceed with testing to see if you are a match. Please, please, please share this post.

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