I’m Doing This For Debbie 10/15/2017

This post is somewhat gonna be a difficult one for me on one hand. Don’t get the wrong idea because I am very blessed because today is the seventh wedding anniversary to my best friend. Seven years ago today on a balcony on a mountain side in Pigeon Forge Tennessee Debbie Patterson said “I Do” and made our life together complete. The official believe or not was a high school football coach who actually had a game that night so we made sure to schedule it so he wouldn’t be late. We have been together for eighteen years and married seven but it still seems like just yesterday that I walked into Ernie Stone Accounting at 8th and Washington street in Columbus Indiana and took her to lunch. My love for her has never weakened. I tell her that I love her at least three times each and every day and I have ever since we met eighteen years ago. She is who I think of when I wake up in the morning until I close my eyes at night. Yes it’s our seventh wedding anniversary and the last seven years of marriage and last eighteen years of our total relationship have been nothing less than fantastic in my opinion and I would change very little of it. But….yep there is a but. Don’t you just hate it when there has to be a “but” thrown in there? I know I do. But, this will probably be the last good anniversary we have and the last good year too. Because you see, Debbie, the love of my life, my very best friend, the one who I would never ever let down, desert, or walk away from. She and my daughter are the only ones I would walk on hot coals or take a bullet for. Debbie Patterson has Polycystic Kidney Disease, and I have absolutely no way that I can help here other than support and desparately trying to find her a donor. But if she does not get a kidney from a living donor soon….she will probably either be on dialysis.

If your are the least bit interested in helping Debbie out, please call Kelly at IU Transplant as she is the coordinator and be sure you let her know either when you talk to her or if you have to leave a message that you are interested in kidney donation for Debbie Patterson.. The phone number is…1-800-382-4602. She will do a phone interview and process all the info you give her to see if you are qualified. If by chance you are qualified she will send you a testing packet and give you the info as to how to proceed with testing to see if you are a match. Please, please, please share this post.

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