I’m Doing This For Debbie 10/21/2016

It all happened one day in September 1999, I walked into work on Washington Street here in Columbus Indiana and little did I know that my whole life was about to change. She was short, dark hair with very dark eyes, was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a red sweater. From that day on Debbie Patterson owned my heart and soul like nobody in my past life ever had before. We went to lunch that day and she took me to her favorite place, Garcia’s and we still go there when we can even now. That first encounter was as natural as if I had known her my whole life.
We never run short of subjects to talk about. When we left the restaurant and walked back to her Jeep, I took her hand in mine and it was like magic. I don’t believe in physical contact on the first meeting so there was no goodbye kiss. A matter of principles and respect for the lady. So I had no real idea if she was interested enough or not in another encounter because I had a biker gathering that weekend. This was before I had a cell phone, but I did have a pager and unfortunately the pager had no signal out there in the middle of nowhere where I was. I did, however, remember that she bowled on Friday nights there in Columbus so I decided to go and surprise her. I walked into the bowling alley about the start of the third game (because I got lost on the way there) and she was pretty surprised to see me. I walked her out to her Jeep and this time….yes the goodbye kiss was definitely on the agenda.
Leaving was really rough and once again, I am not the pushy type so no plans were made. I rode back through Columbus that Sunday around 11:00am and stopped and called her. It was Hope Heritage Day weekend and her daughter Casey had a softball game. She asked me to accompany her, and I have been in Debbie Patterson’s life ever since. I have never in my life cared for someone like I do her and Casey with the exception of my own daughter Avalon. I knew in my heart of hearts that Debbie was my soulmate.
After she and her daughter met my little girl Avalon who was 5 at the time and she got to know her, it became evident that her heart was bigger than anyone person I had ever met in my passed. Avalon was having a really bad time in her situation back then. Debbie asked me straight up what WE were going to do about the situation Avalon was having to deal with at 7 years old living with her mom, I knew I had found my life long partner. Together she and I got parental custody of Avalon, and believe me when I say this that it wasn’t a bed of roses for Debbie to deal with a blended family.
It’s really true that when you find the right one, everything else is second and it all seems to fall into place. I asked Debbie to marry me that following Valentine’s Day and she said yes. Even though we had an 11 year engagement, I would not change a thing. We finally married on October 15th 2010 in the Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. You really know it’s the right person when a) you cannot wait to get home to them, b) holding hands is second day nature and always has been, and c) everyday seems like just yesterday and you never get sick of being around them and don’t want to continue your life without them under any conditions.
Before we got married Debbie went to our family doctor and it was time to have yearly bloodwork done. He found her kidney functions to be a little off, so he ordered an ultrasound. About a month later she was sent to a specialist where she was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease. An incurable disease that slowly deteriorates your kidneys with benign cysts.
In 2010 and her kidney functions then was at 85%. Today her functions are at less than 20%, she is on the transplant list at IU in Indianapolis. Every 2 hours someone dies because they cannot get a kidney in time for their transplant. She is on a solid 4 year wait for a matching deceased kidney. But hopefully someone in our circle will be a match. She is blood type O+, unfortunately I am blood type B+ so mine won’t do her any good otherwise if I could I would give her both of them.
She and I have talked and as soon as she has her kidney transplant, I am donating one of mine simply because it’s the right thing to do. It’s really hard to see someone you care so deeply about go through what Debbie is having to deal with.
There are so many aspects to kidney transplant. Insurance helps tremendously, but there are so many other things that insurance doesn’t help with. Travel to and from for checkups, loss of wages, parking, and other things that I cannot really think of. With us owning our own truck like we do, I have to park it and help take care of her for at least a couple weeks until she gets back on her feet and can get around. We have to make 4 bi-weekly trips to IU for checkups and each trip are 4 hours plus the 2 hour drive time.
So to be honest, we have no idea what or how fund raising works. We have created a Facebook page on Debbie’s behalf. I hope that everyone will get educated on the disease. Also, it will have all of the fund raising meeting dates and other pertinent information. I do know that Debbie and I are not to be involved any way so I guess it’s up to people we love, know, and trust the most and also people who just really feel the need to be there, do right by their fellow man, and want to help with this situation cause God knows we are going to need all the help we can get! So please re-post this and have everyone you know post it and keep passing it on because the more help of any kind we can get the better chances we have of making this work. Debbie is my life. I have no life without her!
Debbie does not believe in putting things on Facebook but this is something that is very important and a very do or die situation. Within the next day or so you all will be getting a special invitation to visit a special page that Debbie and I have created to inform all of you about the horrors of this dreaded disease and the fund raising efforts we are trying to do. So please look it over and help us with the fundraising efforts as much as you can!

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