Living With Polycystic Kidney Disease


I have dedicated my Facebook page to finding a living donor kidney for my beautiful wife Debbie. Her beauty is in so much more than her “in my opinion” stunning looks and her magnamous personality. Her beauty has really no boundaries. It’s found in the way she loves all animals, in the way she cares and I mean really cares for all living things. It’s found in the way she taught what she believes is right and what’s wrong to our daughters. It’s found in how she respects and listens to all elderly people who are in our lives everyday. Her beauty is found in everything she does and everything she says. But the most beautiful thing about Debbie Patterson…is the beauty that she has in her heart for everything and everyone that she loves. Because believe me….if Debbie Patterson truly loves you, she will stand beside you, fight for you, and help you in all ways that she is able. Help with kind words, help with understanding, help with solid knowledgeable advice, and most importantly….help with financial aid if it’s is at all possible. I am sharing this post not for me but for Debbie. Because I believe that in all heart of hearts…she too believes in it too. There isn’t a day that goes by that Debbie loves someone…..well now she needs someone to love her too. And unfortunately it has to be someone besides me this time. Debbie needs help, because if she doesn’t get it. She will DIE. SHE NEEDS THE ULTIMATE GIFT OF A KIDNEY FROM A LIFE SAVING LIVING ORGAN DONOR.

This is the news story about my wife Debbie Patterson her daughter Casey Durnil. Please read this post and share it over and over again as it is probably the only way we can get the help we need. Debbie is my love, my life, and my very best friend to the end. To even think that I will have to live even one day without her is the most painful feeling I have ever had. I am doing everything I can possibly do to make sure that does not happen.

This message is on my tarp that covers the side kit on my flatbed semi trailer.

Debbie and I are simple people with very simple means and a lifestyle that is typical of couples all across this great land. We believe in the blue collar way of life and work hard to survive in this world. This disease has rocked our world like nothing else has. We have raised 2 beautiful young ladies to adulthood, survived losing our parents, made it thru the flood of 2008, job changes, you name it and we have pretty much experienced it. But nothing has been as nerve racking as living with this disease. It’s like we are waiting on a time bomb to explode and we have no clue when it will happen. So please, I am begging you to read my blog post and help me spread the word of our plight.

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