These times…They are changing

In todays world, this society we live in is full of turmoil, greed, and definite uncertainty. The United States is nothing like it was when I was growing up back in the 60s and 70s. It is very sad and almost astonishing at to how this world has changed. There has always been an unsettling in areas of this world. From the Asian countries to the European continent, no one seems happy to live in peace!

I just watched a speech, a bone chilling and blood pressure raising speech by the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, He and the Jewish state of Israel are very uncomfortable with the way Iran is working diligently to secure the right to produce nuclear arms. Israel and the Jewish people have been persecuted, attacked, and many times in history enemies have tried to wipe this race and religion off  the map. Well, this is one American who is 100% behind the State of Israel and the Jewish population worldwide. Tiny little Israel, imbedded in the deserts of the Middle East with nothing but enemies at all its borders and actually all the countries in that region hate Israel. Anyone reading this blog post….watch and listen carefully to the Prime Minister as he addresses the United States Congress….

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