Healing In The Heartland

I had the blessed opportunity to watch “Healing In The Heartland” the benefit concert for the Oklahoma tornado disaster the took place on 5/20/13. 24 lives were lost and so many are now dealing with long term homelessness. My heart goes out to each and every victim of that tornado disaster. It is so peculiar how my mind seems to work…


God Bless and Heal Our Heartland

Disaster hit home just a few day ago

An F5 tornado found itself a playground

It was the areas worst storm ever known

Moore Oklahoma Tornado



And when she finished, devastation was all around

But as we all know from all the disasters in the passed

You can’t keep the American spirit down

As Americans came together, the cleanup is progressing fast

So the strength to rebuild has definitely been found

Tornado damage

Everyone working hand in hand, helping side by side

With God above watching over with a smile

Knowing full well that working together will win this fight

Making sure that everyone pushes for that extra mile

Tornado Survivors

All I can say is I am so thankful to be an American

Proud of every American who came to the rescue

Americans who offered anything and everything they can

And yet there is so much more that everyone can do

How about it everyone, can we help repair this land?

Donate to the United Way, and please make it soon!

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