Maggie Mae’s Story

Like Bootsie, Maggie was one of the four baby kittens left behind when the mama maine coon passed away in June of 2001. As a kitten Maggie was pretty mischievous as she would take small items and hide them, hide them so well that we could never find them. She took a red ball from a cat toy and it never surface for about 3 months. Debbie is still missing a small mouse nic-nak from her dresser.. Maggie, like the other three were fixed and de-clawed so she was supposed to live out her days inside. Well unfortunately Maggie Mae was the black sheep of the family when it came to the cats. You see, we “used” to put up a Christmas tree….”used to” being the key phrase here. Maggie must have been about a year old when this happened. You see we could not keep her out of the tree, I mean literally, she would climb in the tree and lie in the branches. Well about a couple of days after we put the Christmas tree up in 2003, I got a picture text…

Misc Pic 001

Real nice huh? To finish out that Christmas we had to tie the tree to the ceiling  then the next several years we used baby gates to keep the cats away from the tree. Maggie used to sleep very close to me, and usually about 6 times every night, she would jump on my chest and go BBBRRRUUUPT, and just love all over me. Now this was an everynight thing and I always wondered what was going on with this crazy cat until one day I was having a chat with my doctor and telling him about it and he asked me to take a sleep study. The study revealed that I had sleep apena and every time Maggie would not hear me snore or breath, she would wake me up. It is a very good possibility that this cat saved me life! When Maggie was about three years old we notice there were spots around the house where a cat had sprayed or urinated. It took us forever to finally catch her in the act but when we did we took her to the vet to find out if possibly she had something physically wrong with her. First we tried hormones to maybe calm her down . We also thought that when we had her spayed that she would calm down a bunch then …not so! After a couple more trips to the vet he finally gave us a medication and told us that if she reacted to it then the problem was mental and not physical. It was indeed mental as Maggie was anti-social, unpleasant to be around cats or people. so we decided to put her in the vacant pen outside that was left behind after our cat socks died.

Maggie was as happy as she could be out there all by her little lonesome, until the flood of 2008 hit Columbus. It was a flash flood and we had just got within a block of home and I sprinted to the house and waded in chest deep water to her pen. There was Maggie hanging on for dear life all the way at the top of this pen with her back claws as her only means of life support. I opened it up and rescued my little girl out of danger and we had to take all the cats that at that time numbered 6 over to our daughters house a couple blocks away. It took almost a year to clean up and re-finish the basement after the flood but after we did we built little Maggie her own apartment in the garage and that is where she stayed.

Maggies Room Pic 1

Maggie's Room

We put a window in it and we had a heater in the winter and a fan in the summer to try to keep her warm and cool. Everything was fine until about a month ago when Maggie suddenly became sick and her eyes were quivering back and forth like a tuning fork. She stopped drinking water pretty much altogether and we mostly hand fed her. She finally passed away yesterday only a couple of months shy of 12 years old. But all in all Maggie was a terrific cat and I will forever miss not being able to go in and pet her every time I go out into the garage. But we are pretty sure Maggie passed away from a mass in her brain. We were scheduled to take her to the vet that afternoon and have her put to sleep because we were afraid that she was suffering.


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