I Sure Could Use A Raise

I sure could use a raise. When you spend hours on end sitting at these steel mills waiting to load and I look around at all the other drivers, I truly wonder how they make it! Most are like me who own their own equipment and are saddled with all the expenses like fuel, tires, insurance and of course maintenance. A man can’t help but wonder how in the world these guys are actually keeping their head above water! Then I can’t help but think to myself, why even bother! It seems as if no one else really cares anyway. It would really be nice if we owner-operators were some part of a co-op where we could all agree that if the rates were too low or the wait time was just too long we as a group would not haul the loads. Yes I know, we have a lobbying organization called the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association or OOIDA for short, but they are not there for that reason. Believe me, to get a group of drivers to agree on anything at all would be something short of a miracle.

But I can tell you this, the buying public need to think about how the goods and products get to the market place and who delivers them there. Because if it weren’t for the Owner Operator competing for its share of the market, the prices of goods would be sky high! Believe me, All we want to do is survive in this world just like everyone else!


A Truckers Life

Its a long hard road to make it today

we fight and claw every inch of the way

operating costs go up seems like daily

 it could to make a sane man go crazy


“Hurry and Wait” seems to be our theme

and if we complain it just gets worse

everyday just seem to be a bad dream

like everyone of us carries an evil curse


If it’s so bad, why do it you ask

well believe it or not a finished task

gives me an incredible feeling of pride

job well done now on to the next ride


So on down the highway my semi and I go

to the next steel mill to pick up my load

for over 34 years it has been the same

 for now I don’t foresee any kind of change


Yes sometimes I hate to admit

I had to do some serious thinking

If I were to do it all over again

I would’nt change a single thing


 When your on the open highway

and you see an eighteen wheeler

Just remember his trying day

and hope for him it gets better


A truckers life brings on age

at a rate no one deserves

 health issues can turn your page

and will really throw you a curve


I just take it a day at a time

run my run and deliver my load

at days end I am usually fine

and tomorrow I will again hit the road


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