God Was With Me

Let me start by saying that this is probably the most difficult post I have ever written due to my current state of mind and I do hope that all who read it can appreciate what I am trying to say in it!

Yesterday was probably from my memory the most trying day I have ever had as a professional driver in my career. I have been going to a dieting center for over 2 years now, and my meds have been changed on a regular basis and it seems to be because I am somewhat emotionally depressed…go figure! Over 3 weeks ago they were changed again and the new meds finally came last week, they were Topamax and Lexapro. I began taking these meds as prescribed and from the very first dose I felt that this might be a problem. I began having very bad bloating, heartburn, and gas. but I just thought it might be the foods I was eating interacting with the meds. But as the days went on the symptoms got worse. Symptoms like loss of concentration, light headed, nausea, weakness, and the worst thing as a professional driver….drowsiness! Well all these symptoms came to a head on me yesterday as I was hauling 2 loads. I drove empty from Columbus Indiana to Crawfordsville Indiana which is about 106 miles and picked up a load going to Dayton Ohio.

On the way to Dayton I was having the worst time concentrating and then the stomach cramps hit me and the diarrhea and drowsiness and mercy what a great time I had. It took about an hour longer than I had planned to arrive to Dayton but i finally arrived, No damage to cargo or to driver or public either. Got unloaded, and reloaded in the same place and headed out to Yorktown Indiana. Now Yorktown is just a short 88 miles away but when you’re feeling as badly as I was it could feel like an eternity.

Two hours and fifteen minutes later I arrive in Yorktown and I get the load off and I cannot wait to get this truck home safely. I am finally empty and I head home, text my wife who is very anxious about my safety as is my dispatcher because they thought all this time as did I that I had the makings of a stomach virus. I had even taken a dose of anti diarrhea medicine but that was a waste of time and money. I was almost to Greenfield Indiana when I called my wife and asked her to look up the effects of Topamax. She asked me what I the symptoms were that I was having and I told her and she said nope, no matches! I said Ok how about the anti-depressant Lexipro? She said ok , Nausea, gas, diarrhea,loss of concentration, irritability. and I said what about weakness and drowsiness and loss of energy?  She said yes that they were also there and asked when we got the meds and how long I had been taking them? I said about 6 days and she said that the drug was well into your system.

I must have left he roadway over a dozen times yesterday, but the scariest one was about 8 miles from my shop where I park the truck. They say most fatal accidents happen within 15 miles of home and usually under 30 mph…I was coming into the small town of Hope Indiana and blacked out for just a second or so and was off the road and at that second my wife called,  I came to and she talked me all the way to the shop. She truly is my best friend and I would not and could not live with out her! I am just so thankful to God and to my wife that I have today to look forward to!


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