Angry and Frustrated

Well a blog post is designed to express your thoughts, my thoughts mostly are on the subject of money and finances. When I was 16, or legal age to work, the minimum wage back in 1973 was $1.35! Gasoline was $.27 per gallon, milk was $.89 per gallon and you could buy a soft drink from a vending machine for $.20!

   Wow, how times have changed! My dad was actually able to raise 5 kids on his
over- the – road wages while working for the now defunct Ellis Trucking Company! And he put money away for the future, amazing! I still cannot figure out how he did that!

   Now the cost of living is going up at such a rate that wages cannot possibly keep up. As far as I can tell, there is no end in sight to this madness! I gave been keeping a close eye on this economy for a lot of years and I really don’t know if retirement is achievable for me under these conditions. I suppose time will tell but this I do know, I have never lived under a greater leader than Ronald Reagan and probably never will!

   When he got into office in 1980, he did everything he promised the American people he would for all 8 years he was in the White House.
I started driving a semi in 1978 and was a combination local and long haul driver for McCormick Food Service and from there I went on to Overnite Transportation Company. My wages were decent for a non- union company but it was here that a realization of how some industries waste a lot of money, mainly the automotive industry. I would go into the automotive plants in Indianapolis,  Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Allison Transmission Plant in Speedway Indiana and Allison Gas Turbine.

   I would go into these companies usually on a daily basis and here is what I found. I would hand my freight bill inside the window to one person, he would stamp it and my gate pass and give it to the person in charge of looking up the purchase order, when he wasn’t reading the paper. After he finished getting it all together with the purchase order, then he gave the paperwork to the dock foreman who tracked down the lift driver and he would unload my trailer! Now tell me honestly, does that seem efficient to you? Not real surprised that the price on American made autos are absolutely thru the roof!

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